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Are you ready to feel in charge of your health again?

Health coaching for chronic illness management.

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Living with chronic illness can feel like battling a storybook villain. 

 You have seen specialists, read self-help books,  and tried everything you can to help make your illness manageable. You are frustrated and alone in your battle with chronic illness. You were never meant to fight alone. Through health education, stress management, nutrition, and fitness protocols, Hesperides Health is here to help you take power away from your illness and live the story you want. 

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The Hesperides Total Wellness Map

Physical health

Everybody is unique, so why is everyone given the same lifestyle advice? Work with our coaches to find the perfect diet, exercise, and lifestyle for your best self. 

Mental health

Learn to identify emotional and physical stress triggers. Begin to process the feelings surrounding your health, and change negative mental patterns to shift into a more liberated mindset. 


Even after seeing specialists and reading online, understanding your medical condition can be hard. Learning the how and why behind your symptoms can reduce stress and help you moderate symptoms more effectively.

Medical adherence

 Following a Doctor's complex medical instructions can be an uphill battle. Lifestyle changes, medication adjustments, and sleep habits don't just change overnight. Let us help you integrate your medical plan into your existing lifestyle. 

Green Juices

Non-clinical inflammation management

The science of living well

Dande Ward

Joy Coach
Preventative care specialist. 


Like many living with chronic illness, I have had a long and unpredictable journey with my health. I hit a point in which my health was compromising every part of my life. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t maintain relationships, I couldn’t live. After struggling to find answers for years, I set out on a path to learn the truth about health and wellness. Over the past decade, I have spent thousands of hours in pursuit of the science and practice of feeling better. I have a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and a national certification in Health coaching. I have found both a passion and joy in helping others escape the cage of chronic illness and learn to live their lives again. Our illnesses may stay with us, but they don’t have to control us. For more information, click the link below.  




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